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Interior ECOrating 101
Help for homeowners who want to start living green, simply and beautifully.

Certified Professional
Interior ECOrator
Interior Decorating with a Sensitivity toward Sustainability and Green Living.  This amazing course is nationally certified by The Decorating and Staging Academy

Become an Interior ECOrator!

Sustainability is about a community commitment to care for the environment by living responsibly.  The great news is that in caring for the environment, we naturally improve the quality of our individual lives and our communities.  There’s no doubt about it, being eco-friendly leads to good, clean living, a healthy environment and interior balance. We already know how our home effects our bodies—Interior ECOrating takes that knowledge to the next level.

If you’re an interior decorator, redesigner or staging professional who wants to learn how to work with your clients to create an eco-friendly décor, the Certified Professional Interior ECOrator course will help you incorporate an eco-sensitivity to every project

If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to create a healthy home environment for your own family, the Interior ECOrator 101 Workshop will give you the resources you’ll need to go green beautifully. 

Now is the perfect time to learn how to decorate without “d” - damage to the environment.  ECOrating!                            
G etting Down to the Basics of Going Green at Home - Focus on Sustainability in Every Room

R ecycling, Reusing, Reducing, Repurposing and Renewing - Carbon Footprint Reduction

E nergy Efficiency - Green Lighting and Decorating

E co-Friendly Products - Where to Go to Get What you Need

N atural Materials - Learn How to Use and Incorporate Natural Fabrics and Materials

A dorably Green Babies and Children - Creating Happy, Healthy, Non Toxic Environments

T eenage Green - Creating a Fun and Stimulating Environment that Teens Will Love

H ome Office Tips - Best Practices for a "Work At Home" Green Environment

O ne Day Sale - Clear your Space, Clear your Head, Consider your Options

M aking your Outdoor Spaces Greener than Green

E corator Endings - Putting the Finishing Touches on your Green Space

Here's a look at some of the things we cover:

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